What do you think of Virtual Reality Safety Training?

According to OSHA statistics, 1 in 5 workplace deaths are in construction, so safety training in any format is vital.

Virtual Reality (VR) training has come quite a long way in the last couple years and can be quite effective for training for a few reasons. Training with VR technology allows for a simulated experience, works with real-world scenarios, and if designed appropriately, can be very effective in multi-lingual environments. Additionally, the VR technology can be used to allow different areas of an organization to “experience” another perspective. Allowing an Accountant to experience a simulation of a Heavy Equipment Operator’s perspective without compromising safety, helps grow the health and strength of the overall organization.

Additionally, the VR can be structured to allow the Heavy Equipment Operator to see what his impact is from a numbers perspective, such as Accuracy Rates and Bucket Fill Percentages. VR Safety training can also be used for Corporate wide safety training, such as Fire Safety. Learning by simulated doing, such as how to use a fire extinguisher, and the impacts of which extinguisher you use on which type of fire, can often be better retained when learning through simulation, rather than traditional training methods.

VR training packages can be found through a variety of resources – so check online, with your trade organization, or through your local college/trade education system. You can also always contact Cornerstone for our recommendations.

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