Should I use PowerApps?

If you need rapid development of applications that are easily deployed to your internal users for Android, iOS, or Windows on phones, tablets, or desktops, PowerApps is a great platform. PowerApps allows you to create mobile applications for all these devices.

With an appropriately licensed O365 login and permissions your users can begin installing and leveraging your applications as soon as they are deployed. Your applications can be designed towards mobile or tablet layouts and can access a wide variety of both on-premise (using the gateway) and online data sources. The more of the Microsoft services you use (SharePoint, OneDrive, PowerBI, etc) the more you will be able to leverage the “power” of PowerApps.

When should you not consider PowerApps? If you are wanting to expose your apps to external users, PowerApps is likely not a good fit due to licensing/login requirements. Also, if you need to write custom code, remember that PowerApps is a “no-code” environment: this means no JavaScript, HTML, C#, etc. But – keep in mind –  you can connect to REST APIs through PowerApps.

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