Is there a method to help us not run into the “same old problems” over and over again?

We’ve all been there. Whether we are the person who sees the problem or the solution, or if you are the person who is the problem or solution, there is a method to achieve permanent problem solving. The methodology is called the Eight Disciplines of Problem Solving (8D). We like this method because it addresses the full lifecycle of a problem, rather leaving components unaddressed, which results in one (or more) new problems being created. Successful resolution results in permanent resolution, which should be the ultimate end goal. Whether your company is comprised of five employees or five thousand, the 8D method is both affordable and scalable, which is not something we see every day in our industry. The fastest way to victory with 8D? Don’t skip any of the steps. And yes, there are 9 steps in the 8D process (D0 – D8)!