How do I make sure my employees know our company policies every day – before they break the rules?

More and more companies are getting policies off the shelf and into the hands of employees on a regular basis, although sometimes that is still only once a year. Employees who have to make an effort to learn policies before they complete a task are more likely to take the “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission” path. In a effort to reduce the number of policies, companies tend to make them too broad, leaving employees to interpret which parts apply to them and causing further issues.

Policy documents of the past have been separate from Process, Procedure, and Work Instruction documentation. However, consider consolidating this documentation to get all the information to your employees at the right time. If there is a form to fill out, incorporate the policy detail into the steps. If you need different groups to do steps differently, add a decision matrix in the form of a table, so employees can easily see what applies to their group.

This could make for longer procedural and instruction documents. But, considering how many documents you used to have, it is likely less for employees to read overall. And, if you have everything online, it makes it easier still. By having your policies in front of your employees when they go to perform a task, you’ll reduce the risk of violations and make those yearly reviews disappear (making less work for you, too!)

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