Introducing the informXL User Security Analyzer

Let’s face it. Security set up and management in complex ERP environments can be daunting. A lot is resting on iron clad security mechanisms being put in place and monitored over time. Implementers, IT managers and even department line managers are charged with ensuring that proper security mechanisms exist across the operational software supporting homebuilder operations, but with so many internal controls, user roles and personnel, visibility into broad and detailed security set up can be challenging.

Enter informXL and the new User Security Analyzer, now available in the informXL 4.5 for NEWSTAR release. This new Analyzer will benefit anyone responsible for maintaining or auditing user security access in NEWSTAR, especially IT personnel, Controllers or those performing internal audits. It can be used for a variety of tasks, including:

  • General security management by user or user type
  • Analysis of internal controls and segregation of duties
  • Project level security management
  • Review of PO approval rules
  • Review or audit of security overrides

The User Security Analyzer provides detailed information for NEWSTAR users around assigned user types, NEWSTAR Web access, PO approval Rules and logged usage. The Analyzer can also be run by Project Security for quick insight into which users and user types have access to specified projects.  Some of the highlights include:

  • Menu Security – pulls from all menu-based security for active user types showing menu security names and the associated controls. This report provides excellent insight into internal controls and allows validation of current set up to ensure adequate segregation of duties have been properly structured and is helpful during initial user security set up.
  • PO Approval Drill Down – ability to audit or review PO approval rules assigned to a specific user. A drill down feature provides visibility into user information, Rule ID, approval limits and escalation contacts if needed.
  • NSE Web Access – for anyone using NSE Web, the User Security Analyzer will provide insight into whether a user ID has been added into NSE Web and whether or not it has been approved. Conditional formatting allows you to easily see the status, along with the last login date.
  • Usage Drill Down – using a logged usage drill down which pulls all logged usage information by user, easily identify every program code a user has hit over a specified period of time.
  • Project Security – for those who have implemented project level security in NEWSTAR, the User Security Analyzer will highlight all operating units and projects a particular user is assigned to using project level security in NEWSTAR. A pivot table is included allow a quick and easy audit of which users have access to a particular project.

Those responsible for user security oversight will appreciate the ease of insight the informXL User Security Analyzer provides, and the time it saves tending to those important tasks associated with properly securing sensitive data. To see the User Security Analyzer video overview, check it out on the informXL YouTube channel where it can be found in the Analyzer – Constellation NEWSTAR section. The User Security Analyzer is only available beginning with release 4.5. Anyone interested in updating to the latest release should email us to request the update.