How can we make sure our onsite staff, subcontractors, & equipment are safe?

You can’t be everywhere all of the time, but you can monitor what occurs on the jobsite, even when you or your safety personnel cannot be there. With on-site surveillance, through the use of webcams, such as Next Cam Outdoor, or by using drones with camera functionality, you can identify and address safety concerns that occur when you can’t be there. Drones are particularly effective at getting into “hard to see places” where you may want to monitor non-personnel safety related areas. Be sure to check the surveillance/drone monitoring rules and regulations specific to your area. Additionally, make sure your drone operator is fully licensed and operates in a manner that does not introduce additional safety risks. A drone flying in front of an equipment operator’s field of vision or “surprises” someone standing on scaffolding could be counterproductive to your goals.