Going Digital with Cornerstone:

Are you using Digital Signatures yet? Even the IRS has said that as of March 30th it would “begin temporarily accepting digital signatures on documents related to the determination or collection of tax liability.”

Digital Signatures are perfect for maintaining social distancing – customers can sign from their homes, backyards, and even their cars. They are an extremely effective way to keep your business moving throughout any economic disruption.

Digital Signatures are fast and cost effective. They cut out the expense of printing, scanning, and mailing documents, automating your whole signature process. Who doesn’t need automation? Digital Signatures can be implemented through email and on mobile devices, making them available to all your customers. And all of your digital documents can be stored in one centralized repository, making edits and resends quick and easy.

If you have questions about Digital Signatures and how they work, Cornerstone has extensive experience integrating Homebuilder systems with Digital Signature technology. We can walk you through each solution, detailing the pros and cons and tailoring a solution that will work best for your company and your customers.

It’s time to jump onboard and make the Digital Signature change today – it is one change we can guarantee you are most certainly ready for!