How to get my superintendants to update their schedules daily?

To get the superintendents to adopt a new tool, it must do something for them.  Demonstrate what benefits the field will gain by using the scheduling tool.

There are several things that you can do to see that schedules are updated daily, depending upon the approach that fits your company culture best:

> Have the system send out reminders, follow-up information, etc. that the superintendent previously had to remember to do. For example, six weeks before the cabinets are to be installed, have the system send a reminder to the installer of the upcoming date. This can help ease the lag time issues.

> Use the information in the schedule at the routine backlog meetings. Have the schedule information be the one source of truth. If we allow “off-line” schedule related information to be used, your scheduling tool becomes redundant and is left by the way-side.

> Provide training. Sometimes tasks don’t get done on time because people aren’t sure how to start or complete them correctly. Providing access to training and refresher courses pave the path to compliance.

> Using the schedules and your back-office system, implement auto-pay. The schedule now is critical to the superintendent and his trades. The schedule now saves the superintendent time in approving invoices, saves the trades time not creating invoices, gets the trades paid quicker and makes you a builder partner of choice.

> Get management involved. Sometimes people just need a little nudge from above to grasp the importance of some tasks. If management is using the data and speaks up when it is wrong or lapsed, people will value the use of the tool.