Disrupting the Marketplace – and Winning Awards

With a goal to build homes that are structurally superior, exceed national standards for energy efficiency, and integrate better indoor air quality, Insight Homes are backed by science without sacrificing style. The innovative builder has been named Green Home Builder’s 2017 Builder of the Year, proving that sustainable homebuilding is not simply a fad to save the environment.

“It’s a longer road, but we also know there are enough customers that once they hear the story and understand it, they want it. And we have proven that over and over. Our houses are very addicting when you know the whole story behind them,” Rob Elliott, President of Insight Homes says. “We are definitely a green homebuilder, but we are not green solely for the fact it helps the environment— yes, we love that—but it’s more about the return on investment with everything we do,” explains Elliott. “If it costs more for a customer to own or use, then we’re not accomplishing our goals.”

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