Protect Yourself: the latest real estate scams

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Cresleigh: Changing Points of View

When a major builder, Cresleigh Homes, recently proposed a high-rise housing project at 16th and N streets, officials discovered the state’s protection act map included that site and precluded developer’s from going more than 10 stories high, even though the site is a half-mile from the Capitol dome.

“It seemed to be an anomaly, given how far it was away from the Capitol,” city community development director Ryan DeVore said.


Calls From Across the Nation for Affordable Housing

“We need more cities to address the shortage of new homes being built at the entry level. That will take forward thinking at the city level to address the lack of new development at the affordable end.” 

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“As [Millenials age], we’re going to need more single-family homes and we’re not building (enough of) them right now”

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“There is a hole in the market for new single, detached homes in the area in the $200,000 to $250,000 range”

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Housing Starts Rise Amid Ongoing Affordability Concerns

The August reading of 1.28 million is the number of housing units builders would start if they maintained this pace for the next 12 months. Within this overall number, single-family starts increased 1.9 percent to 876,000 units. Meanwhile, the multifamily sector—which includes apartment buildings and condos—increased 29.3 percent to a total of 408,000.


10 Hurricane-Ready Windows, Doors, & Locking Systems

Manufacturers have developed and expanded their hurricane-rated options up to the level of “Miami-Dade certified,” or approved under the country’s strictest standards for use in Florida’s High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ), which cover Miami-Dade County and Broward County. The following cover a mix of options for hurricane-ready homes, including Miami-Dade certified products, products in testing, and products that meet other regional standards:


Sacramento latest city to mandate local hiring

The Local Hire and Community Workforce Training Program encourages contractors doing work on projects funded by the city with budgets of $1 million or more to allot 50 percent of their total workforce hours to area residents. The ordinance prioritizes residents of the city of Sacramento, followed by residents of Sacramento County, and then residents of the surrounding counties that make up the Sacramento region.

In addition, 20 percent of the total hours worked by apprentices on the project must come from “priority apprentices,” meaning people who reside in one of 11 economically disadvantaged zip codes and are either a veteran, a prior offender, a welfare recipient, a foster youth, a homeless person or a woman. The program also will include a high school internship component.

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Technology: Commercial real estate professionals left behind?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a large institutional firm or a smaller, regional player. The companies best positioned for success are those with modern technology platforms and the skills to leverage the insights they deliver.

A simple example showcases the power of data for one of the most common processes in commercial real estate: signing a lease. At each stage of a deal – attracting prospects, converting leases, retaining tenants, and eventually renewing them – there are hundreds of tasks, communications, and… Read more at Commerical Investment Magazine’s Mid-Year Market Update

Jouko Tapani Vakiparta

Yesterday we learned the sad news of the passing of our dear friend and colleague Jouko Tapani Vakiparta. Jouko’s creativity and business knowledge combined to form the foundation of what is known today as MiTek’s Sapphire Build Software; his talent for designing and developing was unmatched in the industry. He will long be remembered for his ability to quickly grasp new business issues and resolve them systematically – he could discuss a difficult concept over dinner and have a prototype ready for review the next day after breakfast. Having both worked closely and laughed regularly with Jouko, we will miss him dearly, as he will be missed by all those who had the opportunity to spend a day with him and his sunny disposition. Our deepest condolences to his family, coworkers, and clients, all of whom were also his friends, as that was Jouko’s nature. We encourage all to celebrate Jouko’s life by doing what Jouko did best – sharing kindness and inspiration with those both near and far.

From Citrus Grove to modern LEED Community with agrarian lifestyle and aesthetics

Maracay Homes, a subsidiary of TRI Pointe Group, was inspired by and retained elements from the citrus grove that occupied the land before its repurposing into a LEED Certified master planned community.

“We have this beautiful contrast of old and new that reverberates throughout the development and seamlessly blends into the surrounding desert-mountain landscape. With this in mind, one of the things we wanted to focus on was building an environmentally friendly community that enhances the beauty of this historic land and minimizes the carbon footprint.”