How can I ensure that both our procedures and our training program are up to par?

The easiest way to achieve consistent process documentation and training is to deploy an intranet. This will be an internal website just for your employees and teams. This can be done with an off the shelf package, Sharepoint (online) or even custom design. When designing your intranet, first identify your main goals. Adoption will be driven by your intranet becoming a daily tool for all employees. To populate training materials, consider developing a team of SME’s (subject matter experts) from the different departments. For example, you would have 1-2 SME’s from AP, AP, PR, Purchasing, Operations, Sales, Tenant Relations, etc. Develop a standard training template and then assign each SME the job of creating the training procedures, along with a document for their functional area. You have now developed an internal set of trainers. You can even provide them a tool to create short training videos.

Your intranet must also contain fresh and necessary information to be sure the general population of your company has a reason to go there frequently. This can be set up as an access point to document repositories, systems, HR functions, workflows, etc. But don’t forget, there must be also be something there to bring in the line level employees. Dashboards and reports can help both management and line level teams.

A word of caution: be sure you identify and stick to the quarterly and long-term goals as well as lock in a management champion. Many companies start to run in too many directions mid-project and this becomes a recipe for failure. Scope creep is a common side effect of a loosely planned deployment, causing costs to skyrocket and morale to crash.