What’s the difference between campaign automations & workflows in Dynamics 365 CRM?

Campaign Automations are a feature of the Click Dimensions Email Marketing Tool, which can be integrated within Dynamics 365. Campaign Automations are accessible to regular (non-admin) users and provide drag and drop icons to build a nurture program for marketing to Leads and Contacts. Features include triggers and timers based on forms, surveys, email actions and lists, assigning owners, notifications, automated email sends, and running workflows (on demand type).

That said, workflows are much more granular. Workflows can base triggers on fields within forms and make updates to entity records. Workflows can also run plugins. However, workflows are under the Settings menu by default, and therefore are usually restricted to admin type users.

Thus, if you have Click Dimensions and would like to start a nurture program, go ahead and try campaign automations first, especially if you don’t have access to create workflows. If you find a limitation that you and your workflow admin can’t get around with an on demand workflow, you’ll have to switch over the entire program to regular workflows.