2017 Marvin Design Award: Surge Homes

With more than 30 years of experience each in the real estate industry, college friends and longtime business partners Louis Conrad and Ben Lemieux founded Surge Homes in 2014.

“Since we worked in areas with very dense development, like Poland and Montreal, we developed an algorithm to show us where a city is in its ‘curve of densification,’” Conrad says. “Once you understand this curve, you can predict where a city center will be next and purchase your land ahead of time in order to have a competitive advantage…All innovators are going against the current, so for us to have people tell us we were wrong or would fail was normal, and it’s what every innovator hears. But today, we can’t build fast enough for the demand we have, and we are, for now, the only ones able to offer [affordable homes] here because we don’t have to buy land at a high cost.”

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