HMS Cornerstone Solutions cures your business pain points by harnessing technology. We are more than a software consultancy firm – we’re a partner vested in the overall health and wellness of your business. We streamline software solutions and business processes to improve your utilization, delivering quantifiable information using real-time data points to save you money and improve your bottom line.

Cornerstone Webinars

At Cornerstone, our job isn’t to make and sell software or other products, it’s to make your job easier. We work with a lot of great software companies and products. Over the years we’ve learned from a lot of creative people too. Our webinar series is all about sharing great ideas and solutions with you. With that in mind, we’ve designed our webinars with an interactive format so we can present and collaborate at the same time – to give you access not only to what we’ve learned, but also other participant’s knowledge as well. We hope that you will be able to join with us this year and we look forward to seeing you!

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All webinars begin at 9 am Pacific / 11:00 am Central time

Date Title Webinar Presenter Survey
March 15, 2018 Power BI Dashboards - Yes you can! Dashboards! You need them but they can be difficult to set up, especially when the data you need is in several different systems. Well, say hello to Microsoft Power BI - the new EASY way to set up your own dashboards and be a hero with your senior management! Cornerstone's Amy McNeeley will demo Power BI, discuss the costs (yes, there is a free option,) and show you how to get started with Content Packs - all without needing extensive technical knowledge! Amy McNeeley, Senior Consultant
April 19, 2018 BIM: What it is & How Best to Use it Are you familiar with Building Information Modeling (BIM)? We will define what BIM is, which components residential builder's are using, and which they might want to consider. Our discussion will include the advantages and disadvantages to loading all of your components in BIM versus only creating component placeholders, and provide a solid understanding of what the implications of each decision are. Stuart Siegel, Senior Partner & Amy McNeeley, Senior Consultant
May 17, 2018 Microsoft CRM Are you doing everything that you can to obtain, nurture, and retain your customers? You know you need automation! Learn all the ways that Microsoft's Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software can help you limit your involvement and maximize your investment in customer service. From "Highlights" to "Headaches," there's no secrets among friends in this webinar! Amy McNeeley, Senior Consultant & Karen Chamberlain, Consultant
June 21, 2018 Personal & Professional Security Do you know of all the ways that someone can steal your information? Have you read about all the security breaches in the news? And...are you as protected as you can be? We'll take a look at the ways that you may be vulnerable, help you decide if you need to take action, and discuss the ways that you can lower your risk. Karen Chamberlain, Consultant
July 19, 2018 Sharepoint 2016 2018 Sharepoint: how it has changed. Join us for a discussion of old and new features, whether Sharepoint is still relevant, and how you can get the most out of your installation. We'll look at the optimal configuration of some favorite functionality, share tips and recommendations, and talk about whether it's worth implementing the "latest and greatest." Kathy Mortensen, Senior Partner/President
August 16, 2018 Rebates & Exchanges: Get Your Money's Worth Money/Rebates/Money/Rebates/Money! You know that tracking rebates can make you money, but is it worth it? Join us for a great webinar on identifying rebate sources, methods or tracking, and how to automate the process to help determine if you can bring it in-house. We share our insights on the value of Rebates and Purchasing Exchanges based on organization size, building model, ERP software, and purchasing methods. Stuart Siegel, Senior Partner
September 20, 2018 Hyphen: BRIX By connecting their homebuilder software suite and BRIX, Hyphen is helping builders and their trades avoid dry runs, missed order changes and scheduling chaos. We'll show you how you can control purchasing, production, costs, and reporting all in one streamlined cloud-based program. Customize the way you manage and track costs, consolidate your ledgers, automate payroll and taxes, and learn how you can get the detailed reports you need as part of the most efficient solution you've ever had. Stephen Candy, Division President Builder Solutions
October 18, 2018 SSRS: Can You Use It? SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) - chances are, you already own it, but are you utilizing this powerful reporting tool? SSRS is a solution that customers can deploy on their own premises for creating, publishing, and managing reports, and then delivering them to the right users in different ways, whether that’s viewing them in web browser, on their mobile device, or as an email in their in-box. Learn all about these exciting features of SSRS and discuss with us the pros and cons of moving your reporting into this powerful tool. Amy McNeeley, Senior Consultant
November 15, 2018 informXL: The Latest and Greatest ONE OF OUR MOST POPULAR WEBINARS! Join us for another rousing session learning about this flexible and comprehensive reporting tool, connecting you to your business in real-time. informXL is efficient, effective, and easy to use, leveraging the familiar Microsoft Excel program. Let us show you some of the hundreds of uses for the informXL product suite and a sneek peek at the multitude of analyzers to get up and going in minutes! Blayne Parrish, Owner/President Center6
December 13, 2018 RealPage Enterprise Accounting Real Estate Investment Accounting simplified. This powerful back-office accounting solution is tailored to the specific needs of mid-market organizations who manage real estate investment holdings. Investment and Partnership Accounting helps navigate the dynamic financial complexities often involved with real estate investments. In this webinar we will tap into the power of one platform designed to manage all accounting functions related to real estate investing. We will explore Investment Accounting and Partnership Consolidations. Alan James, SVP, Commercial & Inv Mgmt

Past Webinars

Date Title Webinar Presenter
February 21, 2018 Joint Gross Margin Webinar with Sable37 Sable37 and Cornerstone teamed up to bring you the first in a series of webinars designed to increase your profitability. We learned how to identify the profit leaks in your gross margin and what steps you can take to plug them in your homebuilding projects in 2018. Stuart Siegel, Senior Partner
February 15, 2018 Labor & Personnel Panel We had a rousing Panel discussion on Labor and Personnel issues. The panel included three residential bulders from different regional areas, along with our own Stuart Siegel and Kathy Mortensen, all discussing strategies for addressing the current labor market, including how to identify people who are a "right fit" for your organization. Various - see description
December 07, 2017 Pharaoh: Latest Software Developments for Homebuilders With Pharaoh’s IBSWIN software you can connect your sales offices via the internet, automate sales tracking & reporting, perform walk-throughs, track service requests, automate the entire option process from creating the buyer agreements through printing the subcontractor purchase orders, simplify subcontractor bid analysis, contract creation and more! Pharoah partners with Hyphen Solutions/BuildPro to create a completely new SQL version and offer complete integration with most popular builder accounting systems. We showed you why Hyphen/Pharaoh’s IBSWIN is one of the most popular software solutions in the home building industry! Mike Kenyon, Pharaoh - IBSWIN
October 19, 2017 informXL We showed you informXL Analyzers for the SAPPHIRE Build Enterprise Management Suite. We saw how KOVA users can now enjoy the simplicity and elegance informXL brings to reporting and data analysis. enter6 has worked closely with KOVA customers and MiTek development on this community build effort, again delivering robust reporting for a new set of homebuilders. We were pleased to have Blayne Parrish review customer-requested features and functionality informXL for SAPPHIRE Build in this great webinar. Blayne Parrish, Owner/President Center6
September 28, 2017 LandDev We were pleased to have another rousing session with Chuck Cosby to learn how to manage the process of building lots and developing land for commercial or residential use. LandDev software interfaces with many popular back-office accounting systems and integrates with familiar Microsoft applications. We’ll show you how LandDev sends bid requests, purchase orders, back-charge notifications, and payment information to contractors through the email system as Excel spreadsheets and PDF's and much more. Chuck Cosby, CEO
August 24, 2017 Hyphen Solutions This webinar introduced us to Hyphen Solution's web-based suite of enterprise tools including task scheduling, purchase order/contract management, vendor bidding, on-site inspections, change order processing, warranty management, electronic payment processing and much more. We showed you a great overview of BuildPro and had a sneak peek of BRIX. Stephen Candy, Div Pres, Builder Solutions
July 20, 2017 RealPage Commercial Suite The RealPage Commercial Platform is the next generation of commercial property management solutions specifically built for the mid-market space. This fully integrated end to end SaaS solution provides you one platform where you can manage all aspects of your commercial business with ease and all at a low total cost of ownership. In this webinar we focused on 3 key areas: Lease Administration, Property Accounting and Portfolio Management. Perry Levine, Director – VAR Development
June 15, 2017 The BuilderMT One Turn-Key Home Builder Software Solution Today, builders are more like project managers, but they are ultimately responsible for every aspect of the home, from sales to warranty. We showed you a BuilderMT case study for VanMetre homes so you could see how the One Turn-Key Home Builder Software Solution, together with your existing solutions, is the “total end-to-end solution” for you. A recording of this webinar is available on our YouTube channel. Tom Gebes, Co-founder/Pres, BuilderMT
May 18, 2017 Click Dimensions Click Dimensions is the easy to use marketing solution natively built into Microsoft Dynamics CRM with training and support included at no extra cost. Put your sales and marketing campaigns on auto-pilot and achieve marketing success using a top-rated marketing automation solution you can trust. We gave you an informative peek into cutting edge campaign automation, web intelligence, event management, social discovery and more! A recording of this webinar is available on our YouTube channel. Joel Hinton, Partner Account Manager – Mid Atlantic Region
April 20, 2017 Tracking & Reporting Gross Margins to improve profitability Do you know what your actual gross margins are after closing - and if they've changed from what you thought they were? A recent Cornerstone life-cycle assessment for a top builder showed a significant swing between gross margins at closing and 6 months later. You don't get caught under-reporting your margins. We showed you how you can track and monitor your gross margins at such milestones as: sales contract, PO release (starts), closing, and yes, 6 months after closing. We showed you some of the reports we've put together and are ready to implement today to help you improve your bottom line. A recording of this webinar is available on our YouTube channel. Stuart Siegel, HMS Cornerstone Partner
March 16, 2017 RealPage Portfolio Asset Management (PAM) This webinar gave us an overview of Portfolio Asset Management (PAM), the solution that puts lease, property, and portfolio information at your fingertips! We showed you how you can generate and compare key performance indicators imported from a wide variety of leading property management systems. We saw how the Portfolio Explorer allows users to select assets, financial data and timeframe for robust custom analyses, and how to easily generate monthly report packages. A recording of this webinar is available on our YouTube channel. Alan James, Senior Vice President Commercial & Investment Mgmt
February 16, 2017 Improving Cash Flow by Improving Sales Processes Cash is now. Profit is later. We discussed Sales process overviews from suspect and lead management to online sales counselor processes to onsite sales processes that impact cash flow. We talked about business process improvements, sales, marketing, and managing people. This webinar was for both B2C and B2B and any size or type of builder. Companion documents were included as handouts and a recording of this webinar is available on our YouTube channel. Erik Cofield, TopBuilder Solutions
January 19, 2017 How to Create the Best Training Program for You Training is probably the most underutilized but the most crucial part of your business. It can dramatically increase both productivity and ROI, yet the single biggest struggle is time. We showed you how you can create a training program that fits with employees schedules and keeps your business humming as usual. A recording of this webinar is available on our YouTube channel. Kathleen Mortensen, HMS Cornerstone Partner
December 08, 2016 LandDev You voted, we listened! We had another rousing session with Chuck Cosby and learned how to can manage the process of building lots and developing land for commercial or residential use. LandDev software interfaces with many popular back-office accounting systems and integrates with familiar Microsoft applications. We showed how LandDev sends bid requests, purchase orders, back-charge notifications, and payment information to contractors through the email system as Excel spreadsheets and PDF's and much more! Chuck Cosby, CEO
October 20, 2016 informXL You voted, we listened! We had another rousing session with Center 6, this time on informXL Dashboards! We saw the web-based version of informXL that captures data from the informXL Datamart and presents it in a stunning, browser-based visualization. It’s Home Builder Intelligence at your fingertips – anytime, anywhere. Blayne Parrish, Owner/President
August 18, 2016 Connecting House Design with Purchasing This webinar showed how you can use cloud-based software to bridge the gap between design and estimating. In years past home plans were essentially static documents. Now, with powerful CAD software, building product data can be digitally extracted through automated systems and instantly matched with product tables and pricing in the home builders’ purchasing system. Home builders can connect the actual house design, on a lot-specific basis, with their purchasing systems - all with unprecedented accuracy. Tom Gebes, Co-founder/Pres, BuilderMT & Tim Beckman, Dir Bus Dev/Partner, CG Visions
July 21, 2016 Newstar Sales This presentation introduced the audience to the NewStar Sales application, highlighting features and functionality of the core product and how it integrates with Newstar Enterprise for seamless and robust sales management. Kathy Mortensen, Cornerstone Solutions Partner
June 23, 2016 Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Office is your go-to office, providing tools for the professional to collaborate with teams anywhere, anytime. Connect better with customers and colleagues with a range of communication tools from email and IM to social networking and video conferencing. With your Office 365 subscription you always have the latest Office versions to let you create, edit, and share from your PC/Mac, iOS, Android™, or Windows device in real time. Get the tools you need to get the job done! Joe Stocker, Patriot Consulting Technology Group
May 19, 2016 Marketing survey results/Top Builder Cornerstone was contracted to test response times and marketing information from top builders to see how they utilize the online tools available to them. In this webinar we teamed up with Top Builder CRM to bring you a rousing hour of survey results coupled with a look at a great product to help manage Leads & Prospects, customize follow up plans to specific business needs, automate follow up email, manage contacts, tasks and accounts with custom alerts and reminders through email, text, and calendars. We showed you why - more than ever - you need a CRM solution like Top Builder to sell more homes, increase closure rates and maximize every sales opportunity! Stuart Siegel, Cornerstone Solutions Partner
April 21, 2016 AvidXchange AP Automation Capture, Route, Report, Integrate, Pay. Is it that easy? Yes! We saw how AvidXchange revolutionizes the way companies pay their bills by providing a solution that streamlines the entire Accounts Payable process - from invoice receipt through vendor payment. We learned how to receive invoices faster, reduce vendor inquiries, improve cash flow management and receive 100% of invoices electronically. Michael Johnson, Channel Sales Manager
March 17, 2016 Microsoft Dynamics SL Most accounting software isn't built for project work, and most industry-specific solutions lack the accounting tools you need. We showed you how to manage your project based business using Microsoft Dynamics SL, a comprehensive project management tool integrated with distribution, service, and robust accounting capabilities to help businesses manage customer demands, deliver services on time and on budget while keeping up with compliance regulations. Carolyn Chasteen, General Manager SBS Group Denver
February 18, 2016 Punchlist In this webinar we showed how to manage your schedule, work orders, and quality control walkthroughs all from the convenience of your handheld device. We learned how you can improve quality and customer service by automating your warranty, service and quality control departments with the Punchlist suite of software products. Greg Durkin, VP Sales
January 21, 2016 Hyphen This webinar introduced Hyphen Solution's web-based suite of enterprise tools including task scheduling, purchase order/contract management, vendor bidding, on-site inspections, change order processing, warranty management, electronic payment processing and much more. Participants saw how BuildPro, SupplyPro, and the many other products help you to reduce cycle times, increase accuracy, and make adjustments to your projects in real time. Felix Vasquez, President & Chief Technology Officer
November 19, 2015 CRM with Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables companies to market smarter, sell effectively and productively, and manage customer relations with care. This webinar focused on social insights, business intelligence, and productivity to help companies build long-term customer relationships that are personalized, proactive, and predictive across marketing, sales, and service. We showed how Microsoft CRM can help you deliver amazing customer experiences. Robert Fitzer, Solution Specialist
October 22, 2015 Studio Chateau Studio Chateau is a web-based option selection and management program that provides a complete purchasing, contracting, and financial operating environment for the home builder and design center. This webinar focused on how home buyers can maximize their design experience using an online catalog of options available for their new home and showed how Studio Chateau is a perfect solution for home builders, home buyers, design centers, and sub-contractors. Carolyn Little, President
August 20, 2015 informXL We gave participants an overview of InformXL and discussed the base product as well as highlighted pivot tables and client-specific reports, some of which have been developed in-house and others by third parties. Additionally, participants got a sneak peek of the soon-to-be-released dashboards and other business intelligence tools. Dan Smilanick, Center 6
July 23, 2015 Best Practices for Compliance Compliance isn't just for Public Companies anymore. Current regulations, such as for Privacy, Company Health Plans, Credit Cards, and Sarbanes-Oxley are converging and constantly changing. In this webinar we learned about these important regulations, which ones you have to prepare for, and how to stay compliant without having to change your business model. Karen Chamberlain, Cornerstone Solutions
June 28, 2015 LandDev This webinar gave participants an overview of LandDev. LandDev was developed by Chuck Cosby to support the land development phases of construction from acquisition through the delivery of finished lots. We highlighted its interfaces with many popular back-office accounting systems and discussed LandDev's integration with familiar Microsoft applications. We saw how LandDev sends bid requests, purchase orders, back-charge notifications, and payment information to contractors through the email system as Excel spreadsheets and PDF's. Chuck also talked about how LandDev supports Cloud based 'Collaboration' with investors, partners, contractors and others who need information about projects, and much more! Chuck Cosby, CEO
May 25, 2015 VendorLink In this webinar we learned how to keep trades and vendors connected to your organization and reduce calls to the back office with this custom website. VendorLink is powered by Newstar Enterprise and designed to provide important information to your trades to keep them informed. This vendor site includes: schedules, documents, purchase orders, account payments, and communications. We saw dashboards, schedules, purchase orders, account payments and more. Lastly, we went through how to implement this product from scheduling to kick off. Information is LIVE from your Newstar database, so it can be trusted anytime, anywhere. Never re-enter information or waste time on the phone. Kathy Mortensen, Cornerstone Partner