Welcome to HMS Cornerstone Solutions

Cornerstone Solutions cures your business pain points by harnessing technology. We are more than a software consultancy firm – we’re a partner vested in the overall health and wellness of your business. We streamline software solutions and business processes to improve your utilization, delivering quantifiable information using real-time data points to save you money and improve your bottom line.

Our expertise encompasses software and systems integrations, ERP and CRM implementations, project management and business process analysis for homebuilders, developers, property managers, real estate investment and equity, equipment rental companies, firms in acquisition mode and more.

We start with the end in mind

Imagine what a perfect bill of health could look like for your business. By starting with your business goals and objectives, we can work backwards to identify the potential pitfalls in your business technologies and processes preventing a clean bill of health.

We harness technology to produce results

You’re invested in technology to make your business run more efficiently and effectively. But is it customized to your business functioning in order to meet your objectives? We help you answer these questions and optimize your technology to solve your business pain points.

We utilize a process to identify, plan and solve

No two business ailments are alike, which is why we’ve developed a process to identify your unique pain points, devise a plan to solve them and hold your team accountable to achieve the desired results. Not only do we guide the change, but our process helps measure the actual results against projected results so that we can adjust along the way and reevaluate the plan as needed.

We help you move out of your comfort zone

We understand that making changes can be painful and uncomfortable. Rest assured, HMS Cornerstone eases the transition to get you on track to achieve your desired results.